TNC Business Model

TNC business model has been designed for Principal companies, after undergoing research and analyzing the gaps which exists today in the health care domain to enhance and expand their business.


TNC acts as a Contract Sales organization to work hand in hand by associating with the Principal to provide end to end solutions for sales, logistics, warehousing, operation, distribution.

We outsource dedicated, ground level and educated sales people to principal companies from leading management institutes for increasing coverage and deep down penetration.

We act as a representative for the Principal.


Our Effective Channel Utilization

TNC is backed with strong credible distributors pan India.

Distributors come from Orthopedic, Cardiac, Surgical dressing and Neuro background.

We have developed a strong set of competency in catering to Government hospitals, Army and premiere government institutes.

We work with young experienced ex employees of Companies who have started distributorship rather than big veterans who act more as financers or investors to earn margins.

Our flexible model is not a threat to existing distributors. Our model fits any existing distributor channel as per the need of Principal company with deep down focus on sales.

Each Principal or parent company is supported by dedicated experienced operations team and dedicated warehouse facilities.

Encourage auditing by principal companies.

Enhanced tracking mechanism of secondary sales, dealer invoices, credit notes, reconciliation and expiry.

Billing involves stringent process of bar scanning, stock counting, proper checks, timely delivery, logistic coordination, pick and delivery time.

Team encourages continuous discussion with field Managers for sales support.

Strict policies of documentation following statutory compliance guidelines as desired by the Principal in a cost effective manner.



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