Dedicated Sales Team: Launch Organization

TNC provides end to end solution to Principal Medical devices and healthcare companies who are planning to start operations in India for sales, operation and logistics.

Our existing business model has been developed to overcome the gap between Principal companies and present distributor model existing in the country. (Refer Rethinking Channel sales)

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Dedicated Sales Team: Mature Organization

Existing business is facing challenges of market potentiality vs achievement, penetration issues, unmet gaps within forecast and actual, inadequate resources for coverage, non-approval of resources, distribution challenges, non-scientific selling, sales people prefer not working for distributors.

Companies/SBU’s who are doing business but have constraint of sales force penetration and thereby not able to capitalize the potential, TNC business models enables a step forward to provide sales force at TNC’s cost.

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Managing Vacancy

TNC acts as a Talent Breeder.

We create a benchmark for the sales force for entry into the Principal Company.

This makes sure that only the best performers become a part of the Parent Organization.


The idea is to swap the ready talents, so that you can take an aggressive stance to your competition.

This also creates value & importance within employees for Principal companies, thereby, addressing the high rise in attrition.


Channel partners in India act more as suppliers and delivery for major Companies

Scientific selling is considered as a big challenge amongst distribution channel due to lack of sales force.

Research exhibits that channel Distributors lack in scientific selling and prefer short term pushing sales.

Compliance today is a critical factor amongst major MNC’s globally.

KOL’s and decision makers prefer to talk to Company Reps.


Rethinking Channel Sales

  • Global companies will have to fundamentally change their operating model to capitalise on future growth opportunities
  • Most large companies have traditionally done everything from R&D to commercialise themselves. By 2020, however this model may or may no longer work for many organisations due to eroding margins, high inflation and decrease in net profitability
  • If they are to prosper, they will need to, reduce costs, tap the potential of emerging economies and manage outcomes
  • Alliances and partnerships with firms within and outside the healthcare industry is a key requirement of the new operating business model for the future

Excerpted from PwC’s pharma 2020 report, Challenging business models.

Trends shaping the Global Industry


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