Distribution Challenge

Is your organization facing problems in Logistics?

 Difficult to increase head counts in operations?

 Is end pricing still under your control or under distributors control?

 Are your products being pushed for higher margins?

 Are you receiving the same priority by your channel partners or priority is being shared to bigger ones?

 Is your partner providing you with dedicated and educated sales force?


Sales Force Penetration Challenge

Is your organization facing problems in Sales Force?

 Is there a gap of educated and competent sales force to help ensure an optimum reach?

 Inability to maximise coverage and penetration of the highest potential towns and prescribers?

 Is your sales force adequate enough to minimize the gap between market potential and target achievement?

 Is your sales force consuming too much travel time due to wide geographical allocation and failing on deep down penetration?

 Difficult to receive approvals on sales force expansion?


Net Profitability Challenge

Is your organization rethinking to increase Net Profitability?

 Mounting cost pressures and difficulty in achieving growth in the bottom line?

 Increasing price wars and eroding margins?

 Rising inflation and affordability constraints?

 Increase in layoffs to increase profitability?

 Is your organization thinking to upgrade to business collaboration to optimize costs?


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