About Us

TNC is a Contract Sales Organization (CSO) that promotes organizations in the operations and sales of their products. We provide many services right from hiring sales force, compensating sales force while providing end to end solutions for operations and logistics sticking into basics of call management and key account penetration. We enable the companies to focus on their core competencies, while increasing the net profitability of their business by managing fixed costs. We believe in the effective utilization of supply chain management to compete and gain market share for the Principal company.

We believe in an intense collaboration with Principal companies. The level of association goes beyond integrating business processes to ultimately functioning as one synergistic organization, fully controlled by the Principal organization. We have a Pan India network and are growing fast with a strong team.


Health Care Complexity

The market is complex, with many different players, agendas, and ways of interacting with each other.

Besides the complexity the market too is heavily regulated.

We believe that the quality of business outcomes depends on the quality of decisions.

A right decision can multiply your market impact.

This belief inspired us to build a business solution that enables you to take the shortest route to increasing your net profitability.

For years, medical device organizations were thought of as a source of unfettered growth-new technologies, newer products, experienced people, high salaries, treating aging population with enough profits to keep everyone happy.

But cost pressures, innovation, increased R& D spending, slumping sales, questions from investors, impending excise tax have forced device makers into a foggy environment, and the industry’s titans have responded by slashing spending, and job cuts worldwide.

Besides eating into margins for companies, smaller companies are grappling with lower prices for the same technological products available at cheaper rates for many countries where patent regulations are not stringent.


Lower Margins

The answer is probably somewhere, but that provides little comfort to thousands of employees facing pink slips as a result of the ongoing layoffs.

We believe that you can prevent layoffs but still remain profitable, you can work productively in an increasingly crowded marketplace, when you can choose a right partner, business will redefine itself.

In this new era, identifying gap and innovating the right strategy is the key to success.

Our congruous innovative business model is better for all medical device organizations, healthcare companies dealing in critical care, chronic diseases which look towards increasing their net profitability.

We aim to provide the best service to the customer and we’re passionate about making it even better.

Research sources – http://www.fiercemedicaldevices.com/special-reports/10-largest-medical-device-layoffs-2012. Disclaimer- TNC is not liable for this report and has been cited from researches done on public portals.


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